SUNDOWNER. returns to Club der Visonäre on Monday 28th of June 2021

We are happy to announce the first edition of Sundowner. in 2021!

Finally we can make our returns on the open air dancefloors of Berlin and elsewhere as the Nightlife slowly opens up again under the current easing of restrictions due to the pandemic.

We are really looking forward to being united with all of you on the dancefloor!

So come over to Club der Visionäre on Monday the 28th of June!

Music will be provided by Velasco, Sibil & Kamyar Keremati

Velasco is well known as one of the regular faces playing for Partys like Anthea’s Partisan Label or LowMoneyMusicLove. Recently during Lockdown we got some musical treats from him during apperances in this Springs Edition of The Mudd Show where he layed down a proper dance music set for the dancers at home and a very nice eclectic blend of different genres during his set for the recently launched Motif TV which gave us a glimpse into his music collection and taste beyond the dancefloor!

Sibil is making her cdv debut this Monday and we are excited to have her share her musical selection with all of you! After living a few years in Budapest where she was a resident in Aether Club, she recently played in Katttarzis Festival alongside well known selectors like Dorian Paic and Lee Burton, slow and steadily putting her name on the map. Well known among close friends already we are more then delighted to have her on the Team for Monday.

Kamyar Keramati is no new face for Sundowner but we can’t wait to have him on again. As one of the Partners of Kimichi Records Kamyar is a dedicated digger and dj in the truest of sences. We’re curious about his lockdown digging findst that he will hopefully share with us on Monday. Get ready for a long night and for him to take us on a long journey till the early morning hours!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Resident Advisor:

Until then here are some musical treats to keep you fed with good tunes:


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