Sundowner Berlin Winter Season Opening / 4.11.2021 @Hoppetosse, Berlin

We are excited to announce to you the opening event of our very first Sundowner Berlin Winter Season! After 3 continious years of summer parties at ELSE & Club der Visionäre we are now extending our program into the cold days.
And where better to do that then on our favourite boat MS Hoppetosse the Winter and all year round sister venue of Club der Visionäre.

Sundowner will start to host a weekly Thursday event starting from 4th of November.

For the very first edition we invite Leeds born DJ Youandewan who doesn’t need any further introduction in our opinion, well known across the scene and much loved within Berlin for his selection and positive energy, we can’t wait for him to share both with all of you coming Thursday.

Next we have Ukrainin DJ Aliana who already played for one of our events at cdv this summer and we just can’t get enough so we decided to invite her again. Make sure to check out her amazing productions as well, she just announced her debut Album on Berlin based record label Finest Hour. Definitely Material for the finest dancefloor hours.

Last but not least we invited So-Fi again who made her cdv debut last year at one of our Sundowner events but now we are looking forward to her once again gracing us with her eclectic selection and this time finally with no corona related dancing restrictions imposed anymore, so get ready to move!

Thursday 4th November, from 22:00, @Hoppetosse, Berlin!


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