Sundowner. Mix #17 by E.LINA + Interview

We’d like to introduce you to our next guest for our Sundowner. mix series: E.LINA, a talented multidisciplinary artist from Ukraine. Get to know her better in the interview we had with her and enjoy a one hour mix of her punchy and selected sound.

Inés: Hi Elina, how are you? 

Elina: Hello from Koh Phangan! I’m feeling very relaxed on the Island now, trying to synchronize with the energy around me. 

Inés: Where did you grow up and how did that influence your sound?

Elina: I grew up on the streets of Kharkiv city. I began dancing hip hop and freestyle when I was 15 years old, so my way as an artist started from hip hop music. I was in love with dancing to old school rap, boom bap, and some space instrumentals. For me, the most important thing in music is that it should make you move and groove. 

Inés: Could you tell me more about your musical background? Apart from being a DJ, you are also a producer and a singer, how do you combine them all in your career?

Elina: I have been playing piano and singing since I was a kid. At 7 years old my mom brought me to music school but I didn’t finish it, I was too lazy haha 🙂 But all my life I was in close connection with music. When I was 20 years old I recorded my debut Ukrainian neo-soul EP, but at that time I didn’t know about electronic music like house or techno. When I moved to Kyiv and heard this kind of sound for the first time I was really amazed! It inspired me and I bought my first groove box, Korg Electribe 2 and started trying to make something similar to this music. Now I’m working on a new EP together with Hopper F. from Criminal Practice. We are combining electronic music with my vocals. Sounds pretty cool! I sometimes play our songs in the discotheque and I love to see people dancing on my vocal tunes ❤

Inés: Ukraine is facing a difficult situation right now, as an artist how are the current circumstances affecting you or the music scene?

Elina: Honestly I’m trying to ignore Ukrainian news and media, because I’m too sensitive for this. I left Kyiv for Thailand and want to abstract from world problems. I love all the humans from any country and pray for peace. 

Inés: What was your inspiration to record the Sundowner podcast?

Elina:  I recorded this mix in Kyiv, so I feel like my inspiration was just the music which I listened to at that time. These hypnotic tunes were my mood in the cold winter of concrete jungle 🙂

Inés: What’s your 3 favourite clubs/ parties?

Elina: Closer, Hoppetosse and Brave! Factory

Inés: Did you remember your first rave? Where it was, how was it? you remember who was playing?

Elina: CXEMA was my first rave and I was really scared by the dark techno and fast strobe lol! Then after one week I came to Closer for the first time and fell in love with the first tune!

Inés: Any projects or releases we should look out for?

Elina:  Roma Khropko. He is my bro and a really talented sound producer. Recently he dropped the fresh EP – Rhythm Equations on Bandcamp.

Inés: Thank you so much Elina. We want to wish you the best of luck with all your future projects. And looking forward to hear more from you!

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2021 Sundowner. recap

As we’re moving further into 2022, we want to reflect a bit on the last year. 2021 was definitely not an easy year for us, including everyone else in the Berlin and the international electronic music scene. Continued lockdowns, cancellations and a lot of uncertainty were the common denominator throughout the year, besides the brightened-up summer months which gave us a very missed sense of freedom that we needed to enjoy again.

But despite all the difficulties, we kept going as much as we could, whenever we could. For us at Sundowner that meant ramping up the frequency of Interviews & Mixes to every 14 days to continue to provide a platform and give exposure to upcoming artists as much as possible- no matter what else was happening or not happening.

With amazing contributions from a wide spectrum of international artists!

Fortunately, we got to do three amazing events during the summer months, two of those at the infamous Club der Visionäre and one at the newly inaugurated Plötze venue at the beautiful Plötzensee. Those were definitely a bright light of Sundowner’s sunshine for us after the winter months spent in lockdown.

On top of that, we managed to extend our program into autumn and winter by moving Sundowner to the well-known Hoppetosse club boat on the Spree River for the first time after three years since the start of Sundowner. With a weekly Thursday night, we aimed to further provide a platform for both established and upcoming artists from the Berlin and international scene. Unfortunately, another winter lockdown that continues to this day brought this new development again to a temporary holt after four beautiful nights and early mornings on the boat. But we’re getting ready to kick things off again in spring when restrictions will be lifted again!

It wasn’t all easy, but we kept going and we will keep going because we love what we do and we do what we love!

A big thank you to all the dancers and listeners out there that appreciate what we’re doing here! And of course, also a huge shoutout to all the amazing artists that contributed to Sundowner. last year, on and off the dance floor!

And now get ready for more music, interviews, and events in 2022!

We honestly can’t wait to see you back on the dance floor again!

Stay healthy and much love!
your Sundowner. team

Sundowner. Mix #16 by Penelope + Interview

The Sundowner. Mix #16 comes from French DJ & producer Penelope, now based in Lisbon, where she is a regular figure in the underground music scene. Her sound is a unique expression of her broad sonic tastes that range from house, techno, ambient, and all electronic experimentation. She made her production debut in early 2021 on the Spanish label Tresydos. Check out her fresh new mix and get to know her better in the full interview we had with her.

Inés: Hi Penelope, how are you?

Penelope: Hello 🙂 I’m good, writing to you from Lisbon where I just recovered from Covid. It was a bit of a strange end of the year for everyone I guess. But well new year, new start, new podcast!  

Inés: Definitely weird times for everyone, but good to hear you are doing well! So we all want to know more about your career. What has DJing brought you? or taught you throughout your path? And what have you changed since starting out?

Penelope: Djing has for sure brought and taught me patience. I bought my turntables in 2013 and it’s been a long and fun ride since but I learned that there is no need to rush. It took me years to feel at ease and comfortable. It takes years to adjust your skills, build your library, train your ears and also gain confidence behind a booth. I am still nervous before each gig ahah but I am much better now than I was in the past.  

Inés: What genres were you into before electronic music?

Penelope: Electronic music has always been part of my musical sphere. I can remember back to when I was 10 years old already listening and buying commercial dance tubes, and then over my teenage years as well, French house was big in France and I was already collecting house compilations. I was also listening to RnB, hip hop and also had a big trip-hop phase around 17-18 years old. It was around that age that I started „digging“ a bit further than the mainstream with more experimental stuff, mostly through downtempo and trip-hop at first.

Inés: When playing a gig, do you find it challenging to engage with the crowd?

Penelope: Yes and I think it’s a good thing. You should always try to be challenged at a gig. No gig is the same, no crowd is the same and the surprise is part of the challenge. Engaging with the crowd is of course always the ultimate goal, sometimes it will work better than others and that’s part of the game, of the job! 

Inés: Which was the last podcast you enjoyed and can recommend to our readers?

Penelope: Maybe not the latest one, but one I enjoy a lot still is from Nathalia – Gathering the Seeds. I like to put it on in the morning to slowly wake up and do yoga. There are some beautiful mantras and meditative music that I would recommend to anyone searching for a peaceful moment with themselves. 

Inés: How do you think this current time in history is going to impact artists in the future?

Penelope: This pandemic all forced us to stop our habits all of a sudden and I think it taught us that it’s OK to take a break, ok to rethink things for a bit. These times are strange for everyone but it’s also a perfect opportunity to spend more time with yourself and create. The Covid area will probably be seen as a great time for production in all kinds of arts. 

Inés: If you have to live in a book or a movie what will it be and which character will you be? 

Penelope: Mary Poppins, always loved the way she was floating down from the clouds and used her magic powers to spread fun and happiness. 

Inés: Last but not least, how’s the future looking for you?

Penelope: Bright hopefully 🙂 whereas for this coming year, I’ll have a release coming on Basic moves’s sub-label  “For Playful Manners” which is a new label run by Walrus and Adi. I also just started a new party in Lisbon, the first one was last November. I want to focus on developing the project this year and also keep playing, making music and trying to have fun at what I do!

Inés: Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Penelope. We want to wish you the best of luck with all your future plans and projects. We can’t wait to hear more from you!

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Sundowner. Mix #15 by Ines Cartas + Interview

The Sundowner. Mix #15 comes from our very own Inés, who had her debut gig last October at Hoppetosse for the System Error Worldwide residency party. She continues to make her wave in the underground music scene; organising parties and getting crowds on their feet with her unique style and selections. Tune into her fresh new mix and be sure to check out the full interview we had with her.

Sharon: Hi Inés, how are you? 

Inés: I’m very good thank you. Super happy to have created this mix for Sundowner. and enjoying the quietness of Berlin. I’m currently in quarantine, so I am spending a lot of time at home with my cats and family, while resting, cooking, reading, watching movies, and listening to music. I’ve also been working and making plans for 2022. What better time to do that!

Sharon: We’re very excited to host your first podcast! With the roles reversed this time, it’s a pleasure to get to know you better. So, tell us a little bit more about you, Inés. What is your musical background? Which artists and/or genres did you listen to growing up and how does this influence your current sound?

Inés: More than an influence, I see it as an evolution of my persona that reflects in my music taste. When I was little I used to travel a lot to the USA because of my mom’s job and I remember her spending hours and entire days in record shops. She used to have a big collection with piles of vinyls at home in México. I was too young, so for me it was boring going to the shops. I remember just waiting, sitting down somewhere till she would finish digging. Only now do I understand that passion. Over the years my taste in music has changed a lot. I discovered electronic music when I was 16; I went to my first party in Mexico City and completely fell in love with it. I guess everything started there, but it was only till I moved to Berlin that I decided to go beyond and start collecting vinyls.

Sharon: How did your journey in the music industry begin? Can you share any insightful stories or tips with us? 

Inés: I think everything happened very organically. Just by going out a lot and connecting with people with the same ideals and passion for music. I used to live in Barcelona and there I met my family from Plural (a music label and collective based in Barcelona and Berlin). We started doing secret parties a couple of years ago here in Berlin and that’s how I entered the team by doing logistics, location scouting, bookings, etc. During the Christmas Eve of 2020 I met Moses Mawila and we started working on a project together by chance and connected immediately. Since then, our journey began, and we started going further with other projects, and that’s how I entered the team of Sundowner. and System Error. I guess when you are surrounded by friends that have the same love and passion that you have, who believe in sharing and inspiring each other- this is when magic happens! I never thought I would end up where I am today and that’s the beauty of it. The surprises that life brings to you and the opportunities that the universe provides you happens when you accept them gratefully with love, and by working hard everyday. Then everything starts to fall into place.

Sharon: Which labels are you involved with? And what advice can you give to women working in the music industry?

Inés: I’m involved with Plural, LowMoneyMusicLove and System Error. My advice is to not feel overwhelmed or insecure by an industry mainly dominated by men. Things are changing and there’s a lot of support for women as well as multiple collectives pushing for change like System Error, so try to stay surrounded by people that believe in you and support you. I come from a family of mainly single mom’s and I was raised by strong powerful women that showed me how to navigate in a world dominated by men. They taught me to raise my voice and stay true to who I am and never feel less or weaker, so I feel blessed for that. I’m also super grateful that I’ve always been surrounded with the most amazing friends. They all have supported me since day one with all my projects and ambitions, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support, so I guess it is an important thing to surround yourself with the right people.

Sharon: You recently had your debut gig at club Hoppetosse for the System Error Worldwide residency party- well done! How do you prepare your record bag before playing a gig?

Inés: Yes, OMG what a night! I will never forget this day. It was incredible to see all our friends there and all the support. There were people outside waiting before the club opened and this just made me feel like ok, this is gonna be one for the books and that’s what it was! To prepare my bag I always think about who I am playing for. I try to be empathic with the crowds and look in my collection for which are the tracks that they will enjoy. From there I try to build a story depending on the time I will play and think of the other DJs on the timetable, but then I always pack a plan-B to be prepared for anything.

Sharon: Name three of your favourite recent music purchases. Why these selections? 

Inés: Goris Lecker – From Scratch [Kreisless] (I like all the 4 tracks for different times of a night, so I like that it’s versatile.)

Rawell – Berlin Pankow 1995 – 2002 ( I love the label and for me this is a timeless album)

Get the Balance Right! -#002 (Great label, very groovy and sexy, 100% my vibes.)

Sharon: What is your perspective on the current state of the music scene? Do you think the pandemic will have an irreversible impact on club culture?

Inés: It’s definitely hard times for many people and the music industry, but we should never forget that light will always come after dark times. I think club culture will definitely never be the same again, but that doesn’t mean something bad. It’s making us rethink how we are doing things and what’s the legacy that we want to leave to younger generations. It also makes us appreciate what we had and should make us more conscious on how we want to evolve as a society in order to keep the nightlife alive. We will find other ways to connect and share what we most like, but I’m also just happy that I got to experience night life before the pandemic.

Sharon: What does the future look like for you? Any upcoming news or projects on the horizon?

Inés: The future looks brighter than ever. I have a couple of plans that I’m working on with friends, collaborations with artists for merchandising of the labels, and more events coming as soon as we can dance again. Including a tour in México and South America for the end of 2022, so I am pretty excited about everything 🙂

Sharon: What advice would you give to beginner DJs based on your personal experience?

Inés: Trust in yourself and don’t be scared by judgements. Just stay true to what you like and who you are. Don’t take things for granted and work hard everyday. And the most important point for me is to remember that what you are doing is for fun. As soon as you enjoy it, everybody will too, so enjoy the ride and the process of learning new things!

Sharon: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us! We are thrilled to have you as our next guest, and we look forward to seeing where your music career will bring you next.

We wish you loads of success in 2022! 

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Sundowner. Mix #14 by Loa Szala + Interview

The Sundowner. Mix #14 comes from London based record digger Loa Szala, creator of Medusa Bloom and resident DJ of Alien Communications. Get to know Loa better in this interview we had with her and do not miss the chance to catch her on the dance floor, a rising star to keep our eyes on.

Ines: Hi Loa, how are you? 

Loa: I’m very well thank you, finally fully recovered from that very bad flu. So funny that Zoom with you and Moses the other day, everyone was super sick in bed, tissues and all the good stuff, haha!

Ines: yeah haha that was funny, so hard not to get sick in these weird times…but happy to hear you are fully recovered. So, tell me where did you grow up and how did that influence your sound?

Loa: I grew up in Brzeg, a small city in Poland, but my electronic music self grew elsewhere. There, people are mostly into rock and reggae rather than electronic music. As a little girl, I ended up journeying as a ballroom dancer, taking part in competitions dancing to cha-cha, samba and waltz. Dancing, but not quite clubbing either.

It was only until quite late in life when I was living in Tokyo that the real journey and passion for discovering electronic music began. I quickly fell in love with house and techno, dug my first records, had my first clubbing experiences, which ultimately led to the creation of my event, Medusa Bloom, where now I was having the chance to meet and get to know all these amazing artists in person! Saudades…

Ines: If you had to name your top 3 DJs inspirations, who would they be and why?

Loa: Laurine – that vibe… the happiness with which she plays is one that only a pure and wide open-hearted person can have.

Lutz – 101 masterclass technique of playing records!

Dj Masda – selection that really resonates with me.

Ines: What’s you’re creative process when recording a podcast?

Loa: Firstly, I go through all the shelves and search for records that pop out with some sort of a reference that could come across interesting, then I go online and start searching for new stuff. Not that easy to explain, but if I see freshly arrived records that I’m really really obsessed about and haven’t heard too many times, then this brings me a lot of excitement that I can channel into the mix. 

I try different arrangements and produce a few recordings, listen back and go deeper into cherry-picking the best combinations that in a way speak to each other and go back to rearranging again. The loop continues until I can finally feel it and then I go on to record the final version.

I find that recording a podcast can be quite a soul-destroying process at times haha.. it takes a lot from me. It brings out some sort of obsessiveness while facing some weaknesses of mine, but I do see it and understand that this is a perfect recipe for improving my technique and getting to know my music and myself better.  

Ines: Well, let me tell you that we really enjoy your podcast from beginning to end, beautiful storytelling and amazing tracks! Now let’s travel back in time a little bit and tell us what was your best moment at the Sundowner party?

Loa: The best moment was when all my dear friends arrived. It was a stressful day considering it was my CDV debut so it felt so amazing to have them in front of me to calm my nerves and connect through my selection and dance.

Ines: Is there anything you would like to change or promote in the music industry?

Loa: Of course, there is always the aspect of equality that has been at the forefront of many interviews and conversations. I think a lot has been done but still lots to be achieved. In terms of promoting, definitely a healthier lifestyle for people working full-time in electronic music. 

Ines: Any projects or releases we should look out for?

Loa: Next year is already looking very promising, I’ve got some great events planned as a resident for Alien Communications. 

Ines: Tell me a track that reminds you of your childhood?

Loa: It’s weird, but I remember this song so well from my dance classes dancing the Viennese waltz to it. 

Ines: If your record bag would have a personality, how would it be?

Loa: Elegant and fun but can be a badass when needed.

Ines: Thank you so much for your time Loa, we are very looking forward to the future and what it will bring to you, and can’t wait to catch you on the dance floor again!

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Sundowner. Mix #13 by Aliana + Interview

The Sundowner. Mix #13 comes from Ukrainian producer and DJ Aliana, who recently had her debut Album on the record label Finest Hour. Get to know Aliana better in this interview we had with her and enjoy an hour of an exquisite selection, where she takes us on a trippy psychedelic journey.

Ines: Hi Aliana, how are you?

Aliana: Hi Ines. All good here! Thank you. I am currently in my new studio, in Lviv, Ukraine. It’s Autumn here, and it’s getting colder and colder.
It’s 5 pm, my favourite red light is turned on and on the right hand side I have a ginger-lemon-honey tea in the thermos. Seems like a good end of the week 🙂

Ines: Tell us Aliana, who or what inspired you to start DJing and producing music?

Aliana: Well, I can admit that I was inspired by my friend who was also the first person who taught me how to produce.
I was 15 years old at the time.
That was the same period of time where I discovered the music of Mr. Oizo which further pushed my fascination for electronic music deeper.

My friend gave me insights and lectures on synthesizers, drum machines, and Cubase (I currently use Ableton).
He pointed me in the right direction to discover my own voice and vision into the world of electronic music.

Precisely at the age of 16, I got my first midi keyboard, downloaded some version of FL studio, and this is where my journey began.

Ines: What were you into before electronic music?

Aliana: I’ve always been interested and exposed to different types of music. Growing up my family were big fans of classical, rock, jazz, and funk.
I started taking musical education when I was around 8 years old. This education gave me a pretty good foundational base.
By the way, When I was a teenager we had a rock band which even had a few concerts around my home city haha.
A few days ago, my friend (from the band) sent me a photo where we were still very young but so ambitious, It’s very funny 😀

Ines: What would you say is the key for a perfect mix?

Aliana: For me, there is not a singular key to a perfect mix but more of an approach to a perfect story.
Eliciting some emotional response from listeners with intention is the key. If it is true to yourself and people like it then maybe you are in the right place with your mix!

Ines: Who is the latest artist you discovered that impacted you?

Aliana: Recently I have been listening to a lot of old Soviet music.
I came across this interesting band called
Redkaya Ptica (Year:1982; Genres: Psychedelic / Disco / Space Rock / Electronic wave). They really take me to a different world with their instrumental abilities, unique voice, and overall experience they put together through their music!
It is this music from a different era that holds on to this timeless portrayal of crazy energy that infatuated me. I love this cosmic psychedelic sound.
The retro and vintage synths, bass, and drums are really magical.

Ines: Is there anything you would like to change or promote in the music industry?

Aliana: The first thought is that I would like the radio to come back, free of syndication, to the old formats with real DJs choosing music. Here in Ukraine, we have just shitty radio stations (you do not want to listen to it, believe me). This way the regional aspect of music would reappear.
We had this before. I was still super young, but my older sister often listened to the radio shows from ‚Kazantip‘. Can you imagine? Dope!

But you know, In the era of the Internet, it seems that the radio is no longer needed. People now jump online to see and listen to live people, podcasts, and conversations.
But still, It would be nice to hear more info about electronic music and newer things that each region and country has to offer through the radio.

Ines: Any projects or releases we should look out for?

Aliana: Yes! I would like to share my upcoming release on Finest Hour! It is my first full cover double EP. This release was ready for more than 2 years but then the pandemic happened and bla bla, so yeah! I’m super excited about it.
Besides, in the current podcast, I added two of my unreleased tracks, one at the beginning and one at the end. I wanted to do it for a long time, but I didn’t get the opportunity 😀

Ines: If you could pick any DJ or act to play with, who would it be and why?

Aliana: I don’t know how to answer this question. I really don’t like to choose haha.

I am the kind of person that prefers the will of the universe and accepts what comes from outside via synchronicity.
I will be glad to share that remote control with anyone that resonates 🙂
Someday I will remind you of this question and together we can see who this person will be.

Ines: Thank you so much Aliana for sharing with us, we are really looking forward to hear more from you in the future, and we are pretty sure this is just the beginning of a bright journey full of success.

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25.11 Sundowner. @Hoppetosse, Berlin

For the 4th edition of Sundowner. at Hoppetosse we invited some close friends of us.

First of we have QUEST, the italien born DJ has been on a constant rise over the last years, steadily working his way up. A true dedicated digger fully embracing the DJ lifestyle. Always on the hunt for new gems. From rare house bombs to obscure devilish techno cuts Quest can deliver both and everything in-between so always expect the unexpected.

Next up is SHAQUE, still a new kid on the block he’s already been making waves. Together with DJ Tjizza he manages the new label Mood Waves which acquired some serious hype and well deserved attention since their launch last summer. From midnight downtown drive city vibes to trancy late hour closings Shaque does it all and he does it well. He’ll be steering us in the morning hours when it is the darkest and the sun is just about to rise.

Last but not least KAMYAR KERAMATI is gracing us once again with his presence. After already making his Club der Visionäre debut earlier this year closing our night and we are happy to invite the iranian born dj once again to Sundowner because we just can’t get enough. He recently launched his own imprint called „I.V.O.E.“ short for „Interactive View Of Emotions“ with the first release done by himself!
This time Kamyar will be starting up the night and set the mood for a Thursday to remember!



Sundowner. Mix #12 by Sibil + Interview

The Sundowner Mix #12 comes from new rising star Sibil, who had her debut this past summer at Club der Visionaere for Sundowner. and System Error parties and most recently at Hoppetosse for The Mudd Show. Keep an eye on her as she will definitely keep making more appearances in the Berlin underground music scene and around Europe, thanks to her unique style that makes everybody dance. Check the full interview we had with her.

Ines: Hi Sibil, how are you? 

Sibil: Hello! I’m very good thanks a lot, pretty happy to be living in Berlin now, so much to do and to learn about! Like making this first podcast for example, thanks for giving me this little challenge to accomplish finally! I’m pretty excited for the rest 🙂

Ines: It’s a pleasure for us to be the platform for your first podcast, we really enjoy every second of it! So, tell us a little bit more about you Sibil, could you tell me about your musical background? What kind of sounds did you grow up with and how do they inspire your sound now?

Sibil: Oh I come from a totally different environment where I’m now. Growing up in a pretty conservative family, I was in touch with music since I was 5, going to conservatory and music school everyday. I guess classical and jazz music were the only things I knew until very late. I just discovered electronic music when I was about 21! I have to say that since then, I was so curious about this other world, I got pretty addicted to understanding it.

Ines: How do you prepare your record bag before playing a gig?

Sibil: Uff, always at the last moment… It really depends on my mood, but I give a lot of importance to who or what is gonna be played after me, so I can go on a journey until that point.

Ines: Name 3 of your favourite recent music purchases.

Sibil: I mainly digged some downtempo stuff the previous month, here are some:

First release I’m gonna share with you is a mix of dub, ambient, and liquid DNB, that I’m so in love with! It has the perfect amount of trippiness, enough to bring me up in the mountains above the clouds. To listen full power in your headphones…

Second fund of the month is from Sie, I liked a few tracks that he produced, you should check it out! 

Last one is from Nooncat, which is more dreamy/melancholic tech house:

Ines: How do you think that this moment we are living in, is going to impact the music scene in the future?

Sibil: To be honest, I think there will be waves of restrictions where we can explore our free time and expand our creativity, and there will be waves of freedom when we release everything out, and make something even greater than before. I guess every big trauma of History brought something new and revolutionary after, and that’s the beauty of it.

Ines: How’s the future looking for you?

Sibil: I have no clue, we never know what can happen, but so far I’m pretty excited about it.

Ines: If you could pick any DJ or act to play with, who would it be and why?

Sibil: I had a big music lesson last time seeing Miki playing at CDV. I have to say it was bewitching! His way of mixing was so incredibly precise and trippy, I’d love to learn from it!

Ines: What advice would you give to people that are starting to DJing based on your personal experience?

Sibil: Trust your music, your taste, don’t be afraid of playing things that you think others won’t like and just assume it! Error is human, and perseverance is the key to it!

Ines: Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Sibil, you are such an inspiration and we are very looking forward to seeing what the future will bring to your career, we are sure it will be full of success!

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18.11.2021 Sundowner @Hoppetosse w/ Onirik, DJ Pipe & Asia

For the 18th of December we are delighted to have Onirik, DJ Pipe & Asia to steer us through the night!

Onirik is now stranger to Hoppetosse & CDV, he regularly puts on his own nights via his vinyl ditributions event series „OTG – Off The Grid“, co-runs the Finest Hour imprint and manages his own imprint Garage Hermetique. We are very much looking forward to him bringing the heat to Hoppetosse this coming Thursday!

DJ Pipe has been making waves with his recent debut release on the Berlin based Ghost Records Imprint by the The Ghost dj duo and record shop van operators. A regular on their frequent nights at Hoppetosse and CDV we are looking forward to having him this Thursday and see what he’ll be cooking up for us when put into a different context then usually. Expect nothing less then butterflies down the canal!

Asia well known inside the scene for having run crisalida booking agency for many years she now has embarked on her own musical journes focusing on her own development rather then supporting other artists careers. We are looking forward to getting a taste of her own selection and to see where her own musical journey will be taking her in the years to come!

We are looking forward to see you on the dancefloor!


Sundowner. Mix #11 by Costa + Interview

The Sundowner Mix #11 comes from Spanish and Berlin based Dj Costa, who’s having his debut at the new weekly residency of @sundownerberlin at Hoppetosse. Costa’s sound characterised for being naughty, acidy and trance and always on the loop for the groove.

Ines: Hi Sergi, how are you?

Sergi: Hi Ines. I’m good, having a hot chocolate, and really excited for what’s coming this week. I’m gonna play my first gig at the lovely Hoppetosse boat!
I’m writing from the living room facing Warschauer Strasse, which is not too busy today. This is in Berlin, where I moved in March 2021. The city, the people, the music scene trapped me and I voluntarily surrendered.

Ines: What was it that triggered your interest in music?

Sergi: This has been a journey. I would go back to 2018, where I started connecting with my body in a deeper level, after discovering contemporary dance. And needless to mention we were dancing to music. The healing and ecstatic aspects of dancing I guess were the things that guided me to discover the art of mixing and creating these experiences for others. From that point I felt and understood raving/clubbing in a different way.
Ultimately, visiting a friend in Berlin in 2020 gave me the opportunity to understand how music mixing works and started playing with it. In parallel I started also reading the theories about the raving experience from Eris Drew, and could relate immediately to that.
To me, mixing music is a constant conversation with and within yourself, and yourself with others.

Ines: What’s your digging process?

Sergi: Interesting question! The first time that I wanted to get a vinyl was at Marla records: I arrived there and I had a little idea of what I wanted to get. I asked for some recommendations for music genres and after listening to a few of them I selected two, just because they sounded good (whatever that means). Let me say that one of them I have never played again (it made me cringe the last time I tried to play it haha), and the other one I still love it.
Digging is also part of this conversation and likewise, you also learn to listen differently. Nowadays I feel I can listen better (in my own way), and though I still go to specific genres, now I’m more interested in if the music is speaking the same emotion/sensation I’m looking for.

Ines: What was your inspiration to record the Sundowner podcast?

Sergi: I wanted to take you to the atmospheres and places in a journey from sunlight to moonlight, with a final celebration as if ‚we made it!’. Like a sundowner, going into the night and seeing the first rays of the next morning.
I translated the tracks to my own interpretation of levels of lightness and darkness.
And above all that, I just wanted the mix that I’d like to dance at a party!

Ines: Who’s the latest artist you discovered that impacted you?
Let me mention two. This summer I went to surely one of the best queer techno raves this year for me, Fluid Vision. In both of their editions I felt really inspired by VINVAR, one of their residents. Fast, euphoric and shameless in the mixing, she brought a full ecstatic experience to the audience at the end of both editions.

Couldn’t leave this paragraph without mentioning Roza Terenzi, who I recently had the pleasure to see live for the first time in Panorama bar. Incredible selector of groovy, trance oriented sounds and mild techno.

Ines: If you could pick any DJ or act to play with, who would it be and why?

Sergi: I would 1000% pick Eris Drew. The night I saw her in London in 2020 (before the virus situation took over), I understood the power of the Dj, the crowd completely changed, I couldn’t leave the front row, It felt like a very long trip of joy. I would love to play with her to get contagious with her wisdom and dance floors experiences, have a conversation without speaking, dance with her.

Ines: What has been the most memorable dance floor moment and why?

Sergi: One of the most memorable moments I’ve had lately was precisely in this Fluid Vision rave. I was dancing in the front and I was making eye contact with a guy a little bit behind me. I could recognise that he was part of my friend’s group, but I didn’t know him directly. After a little bit, he came to compliment my dance moves and I complimented back and he suggested we exchanged contacts. But since he was not using social media, he handed over to me his phone saying „Maybe write your name, phone number, foot size, favourite food, a poem…“ To which I decided to write him a poem on the dance floor! It was a pretty cheesy poem, but this is more or less what I came up with within a couple of minutes. 
The bright in your eyes, is light as the sky, have fun on the dance floor until the night“.
Needless to say, I had never written a poem on the dance floor before. We had a date after that, and we’re going to have a second one.

Ines: What is one thing that you can’t live without?

Sergi: It’s definitely Tahini (for now). I sadly don’t have any left in my counter. But I just had an idea, I will buy two or three pots next time, so I don’t run out of it too fast haha. Did I mention that food it’s another of my greatest passions in life?

Ines: Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and anecdotes Sergi, we are very looking forward to listen to you this coming Thursday at Sundowner. party at Hoppetosse.

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