Sundowner. Mix #26 by Fabbs on + Interview

The Sundowner. Mix #26 comes from Colombian DJ and Producer Fabbs On, founder of Plural Musik. His latin and jazz influences since young age are certainly present and strong pillars in the creation of his music and makes his mixes something very special. Check out his fresh new mix and get to know him better in the full interview we had with him.

Sundowner. Mix #15 by Ines Cartas + Interview

The Sundowner. Mix #15 comes from our very own Inés, who had her debut gig last October at Hoppetosse for the System Error Worldwide residency party. Along with being an essential asset to our label team, she continues to make her wave in the underground music scene; organising parties and getting crowds on their feet with her unique style and selections. Tune into her fresh new mix and be sure to check out the full interview we had with her.